4 way electrical switch hook up, wiring a 4-way switch

Three-way switches can be wired in a number of different ways, depending on where they are located relative to the light fixture in the circuit cable runs. That's all a regular switch is doing, breaking the continuity between your source power and your load. Even simple switching circuits can be problematic if you don't know what you are doing. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Look at the wires involved. What if you want to control more than one light? Tile a homemade shower stall?

When it comes to home repairs, why is it best to hire a professional rather than looking up YouTube videos to do it yourself? Click each additional switch to make sure each switch can independently turn the light on and off. Green indicates a neutral wire at ground potential.

Installing Dimmers for 3 Way and 4 Way Switches

  • If a neutral wire is required at each switch location, a different configuration will be required, as shown in the video.
  • Wall switches used to control ceiling light fixtures or other fixtures come in three types.
  • Each installation is different.
  • If using metal boxes and plastic-sheathed cables or metallic-sheathed cables, proper clamps must be used where each cable enters or exits the box.

For example, you may want to control a ceiling light in the basement from the top of the stairs, from the bottom of the stairs, and from a door leading to the outside. Once again, the white neutral wires are simply joined together, and the grounding wires are joined together with pigtails connecting the switch and to the box, if it is metal. The switches must create a complete circuit for current to flow and the bulb to light. You can test the switches using the procedure described below. There are three screw terminals on the body of the switch, in addition to the green grounding screw.

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  2. If you find no continuity or constant continuity in any of the possible arrangements when you flip the toggle, the switch is likely defective.
  3. Screw the switches into their boxes, being careful not to nick or pinch any wires.
  4. This popular tester is also used by most inspectors to test for power and check the polarity of circuit wiring.

One box will have an additional conductor of a color other than white, or wrapped with phase tape that is any color other than white or gray. Or, as shown here, they can be wired so that the cables run through both three-way switches, then to the light fixture. Verify the circuit is wired correctly using the following guidelines. If the meter shows continuity with the toggle in one direction and not the other, move the probe from that traveler terminal to the other one and test again.

Below is one example of a four-switch light circuit. The white wire is marked with black at each splice to identify it as hot. If the light is located between the middle two switches, then the white wire leading from the light to a switch is, in fact, sometimes hot.

At the second switch box location, the wiring is similar to the first switch, with the traveler terminals connected to the traveler wires coming from the first switch. Placement of the switches is the key to making these circuits work. Simply insert the end of the tester into an outlet, lamp socket, or hold the end of the tester against the wire you wish to test. Such markings are not needed with this type of switch, as they are with a single-pole switch. Flip the switch toggle and check that you find continuity in one direction but not the other.

Wiring a light switch

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This is the first of several related pages explaining how to control lights with multiple switches. The source neutral is spliced at each switch box to run it directly through to the neutral on the light fixture. Grounding screws on switches were not always required, so if you are replacing an old three-way switch, dating site called meet you may find one without the grounding screw.

Wiring a 4-way switch

Connect all traveler terminals between the switches and the circuit will work as planned. The black and red wires running between the boxes are connected to the travelers on each switch. Is it possible to cut materials aside from concrete with a concrete saw? What is an effective, inexpensive way to waterproof the tank? When both toggles are up or both are down, hong kong christian the circuit is complete and the light fixture will be illuminated.

How 4-way switches work -- an animation

4 Way Switch Wiring Diagram
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Wiring a 2-Way Switch

Wiring a 4-way Switch

These cables contain a ground conductor which is required for all applications as well. If the device is still lit up or working, christian the wrong breaker was opened. Identify the circuit breaker that controls electricity in the area where you will be working.

Turn off that circuit breaker. Find the wires connected to the two traveler terminals. Physics Miscellaneous tips and info Rick Matthews. Does it have continuity now? Check that the neutral from the source is only connected to the neutral terminal at the load.

How to Read These Diagrams. Test the other posts to see which one has continuity and which does not. The black wire running to the light is used to connect the common from the dimmer to the hot terminal on the light. My community college students were always amazed at how easy they really are. Put one lead of the multimeter on this post.

You have given me confidence to do my own projects which I never had before. Did this summary help you? Flip the switch toggle one way and then the other.

Controlling a light with three or more switches

4 Way Switch Wiring Diagram

The grounding wire is connected both to the switch using a pigtail wire, and to the second cable run passing onward to the next switch. If the switch box is metal, it also must be pigtailed to the grounding wires. It is functional coloring intended to illustrate the voltage state of each wire segment. This means that there is a black hot wire, a white neutral wire, and a bare copper grounding wire. If you have an old or new switch you believe was wired correctly and the circuit still doesn't work, the switch may be defective.

Lightly tug on each wire to make sure they are both tightly connected. If, however, you don't find any continuity or constant continuity no matter where the probe is or how you flip the toggle, the switch is likely defective and should be replaced. The white wire of the cable going to the switch is attached to the black line in the fixture box using a wirenut. Use needle-nosed pliers to form a loop in the stripped wire.

4-Way Switches - Electrical
Understanding Three-Way Wall Switches

The same way you would wire one light fixture with two switches. In particular, it is often convenient and efficient to place a light between two switches or between the panel and the first switch. Two of the white wires must be remarked black where the feed the switches. Do you recommend using push in type wire connectors?

The white wire becomes the energized switch leg, as indicated by using black or red electrical tape. The Wire Stripper and Wire Cutter My absolute favorite wire stripping tool that I have had in my personal electrical tool pouch for years, and this is the tool I use to safely strip electrical wires. Check local regulations for restrictions and permit requirements before beginning electrical work.

How to hook up a 4-way switch

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